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Jadavpur University: A dream to many engineering aspirants

First of all, before writing anything about Jadavpur University, I want to tell you that I am from Jadavpur University. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering (BE) from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
So I am the most eligible person to provide you insights about the campus and life within it, the vibrance, the charisma, the diversity of this beautiful university located at the heart of the city of joy.
I have gained experience and learned a lot during my 4 years of engineering from the university.
I am going to discuss every aspect of Jadavpur University in detail starting from admission to farewell. 

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Here is the list of things I am going to cover in this article about Jadavpur University:

1. Ranking
2. Admission Procedure
3. Campus
4. Classroom and Batchmates
5. Engineering Streams
6. Professors
7. Annual Fests 
8. Placements
9.     Farewell

10.  Fees

1. Ranking

When we talk about university rankings, Jadavpur University holds 6th position among national-level universities and ranked 1st among state universities in India.
Jadavpur University currently ranked 10th among engineering colleges in India.
So, I must say it is a well-reputed college in the state as well as in the center.

2. Admission Procedure

Taking admission in Jadavpur University is not an easy task. Students from West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha competing with each other to get into Jadavpur University. Other students from the rest part of the country also take part in the examination but the number is very fewer.
To get enroll in Jadavpur University you must have to appear for West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination also known as WBJEE and clear the exam with top ranks to be eligible for counselling round.
The maximum rank to get admission into Jadavpur University is around 2500 excluding the pharmacy department. The cutoff for the pharmacy department is around 5000.
So, if your rank is within 2500 you will get admission into some of the departments of the university.
NOTE:- For students of West Bengal, now it becomes easier for them to get admission into Jadavpur University. As of 2019, 90% of total general seats are now reserved for general students of West Bengal only. Previously, there was no home state reservation available for general students of West Bengal and they are treated the same as other students from other states.

3. Campus

Jadavpur University has two campuses. One at Jadavpur itself, near 8B bus stand in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, which is also called as Main Campus.
All the official work has been taken place on the Main Campus only.
The Main Campus has all the departments such as Engineering, Science, and Arts located at different corners of the university under one campus. This makes the campus vibrant and full of culture.
The Main Campus has a playground for cricket and football, a gym for exercise, a green zone for hangout, Staff canteen, and Suruchi canteen are two canteens where most of the engineering students have their lunch and snacks despite these two canteens there are various canteens located at different locations inside the campus, an Open Air Theatre better known as OAT for parties, fest events, and convocation purpose, more than 5 auditoriums out of which Gandhi Bhawan is the most famous, a Central Library, a student union room for engineering and a guest house. There are also many other places inside the campus which I didn’t include here. The above-given places are the most famous ones among engineering students.
The Main Campus has a Main Hostel only for boys located outside the campus within 10 minutes of walking, and one hostel for boys and one hostel for girls inside the campus as well.
View from top of JU
View from the top of JU
Jadavpur University main corridor
JU Main Corridor
JU main ground
JU Main Campus Ground during the rainy season
JU main campus ground
JU Main Campus Ground during the summer season
The 2nd campus is an engineering-based campus situated at Salt Lake, Kolkata near Chingrighata Crossing.
Jadavpur University 2nd campus is also known as Salt Lake Campus.
It consists of 5 engineering streams out of 16 engineering streams in the university.
Salt Lake Campus has a Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) authorized ground inside the campus which is open to university students for hangout and exercise purposes only and restricted for playing cricket or football without permission from the authority.
Due to the presence of national-level cricket ground inside the campus, it makes the campus very beautiful, calming and elegant.
Jadavpur University salt lake campus ground
JUSL CAB ground
MS Dhoni playing in Jadavpur university salt lake campus
M S Dhoni playing in JU CAB ground
JU salt lake campus
JUSL CAB ground

4. Classroom and Batchmates

Jadavpur University is a state-level engineering college and the cheapest engineering college in India. It does not create a huge amount of funds from students’ fees or the central government.
So talking about the classrooms, they are just okay and do not compete with today’s world-class infrastructure, but the education that we get inside those classrooms is world-class. So don’t think about the temporary goodness of classrooms, think about quality education inside it.
Jadavpur University is among the top engineering colleges in India and provides top-level quality education.
Many students across the country aspire to take admission to it but very few of them got a chance. The students taking admission in the college is among the brightest mind of the country, as they are filtered through the competitive exam (WBJEE) and only top-ranked students are able to take admission.
So the batchmates one can be surrounded with is among the brightest mind of the country. They do wonders during and after the course.

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5. Engineering Streams

There is a total of 16 engineering streams active in Jadavpur University out of which 11 engineering streams are present in the Main Campus whereas 5 engineering streams are present at the Salt Lake Campus.

Main campus engineering streams are as follows:

a)     Computer Science & Engineering(CSE)

b)     Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETCE)

c)     Electrical Engineering (EE)

d)     Mechanical Engineering (ME)

e)     Civil Engineering (CE)

f)      Chemical Engineering (ChE)

g)     Production Engineering

h)     Food Technology & Biochemical Engineering (FTBE)

i)      Metallurgical Engineering

j)      Pharmaceutical Engineering

k)     Architecture

Salt Lake Campus engineering streams are as follows:-

a)     Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering (IEE)

b)     Information Technology (IT)

c)     Power Engineering

d)     Construction Engineering

e)     Printing Engineering.

6. Professors

Jadavpur University professors are one of the main reasons for the university to be ranked so good in India. They are highly qualified, well known throughout the country among their fraternity, they do a huge amount of research extensively on different topics, they attend conferences and seminars across India as well as in foreign.
They look very simple, help you throughout your journey. They play a huge role in shaping your extraordinary career.

7. Annual Fests

Jadavpur University has 2 annual fests. They are Sanskriti, the annual college fest, and the tech fest called Srijan. One more annual event happened only for freshers called U-turn.
Sanskriti is the most important fest at Jadavpur University. It will be celebrated around the first week of March for 9 days.
The famous bands of India will visit during this period and perform for the students of the university.
Many talent hunt competitions are also organized during the first 5 days of Sanskriti and the last 4 days are booked for bands to perform for the students. These 4 days are as follows:
a.      Western Night
b.     Eastern Night
c.      Reunion Night
d.     Final Night
Srijan is the annual tech fest conducted for 3 days. It is a tech-focused event for tech enthusiasts. During this period major technological competitions will take place inside the Jadavpur University Salt Lake Campus. Students from different colleges gather at Jadavpur University Salt Lake campus with very unique technological models or concepts to showcase in front of students and judges so that they can win prizes and sponsorships as well.

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8. Placements

Jadavpur University is known for its extraordinary placements across the country. It almost competes with the top-level IITs in terms of placements. Talking about the placements of Computer Science and Engineering department average package of it comes out to be 19.96 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum). Whereas College average package is nearly around 6 LPA which is an extremely good placement record.
However, the college average package record is not mentioned anywhere but the departmental average package details are released by each department. Taking into consideration of each department’s average package, the final college average package record is calculated and mentioned above ie; 6 LPA.

Some of the famous departments with very good placement records are

a.      CSE – Average Package 19.96 LPA
b.     ETCE – Average Package 12 LPA
c.      IT – Average Package 11 LPA
d.     IEE – Average Package 10 LPA
e.      EE – Average Package 8 LPA
f.      ME – Average Package 6.5 LPA
g.     CheE – Average Package 6 LPA

9. Farewell

This is the moment of extreme sadness and irresistible happiness at the same time in the life of every student. Sadness for leaving the beautiful campus and faithful friends and happiness for getting a degree of graduation and entering into professional life.
However, sadness takes over all the happiness at that time, when you know you are going to miss this kind of life that JU had given to you.
There is no such official farewell party organized by the college but the juniors of yours arranged a beautiful program for their leaving seniors and that moment was a very proud moment for all the final year students.
Finally, we are heading towards the end of this beautiful article by the most exciting topic which makes Jadavpur University different from others. The fee structure.

10. Fees

You will surely not believe that the fees of Jadavpur University for a year of engineering are just ₹2400 that is only ₹1200/semester.
₹9600 is the total course fee for engineering excluding hostel charges.
You have to pay for a college hostel or you are also allowed to live outside, that is in paying guests or your own home if it is nearby college.
College hostel charges are again very low and as low as ₹15/month for accommodation and around ₹1500/month for the mess.
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