Best Books for GATE 2022 Civil Engineering

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Best Books for GATE 2022 for Civil Engineering

The best way to prepare for GATE is to join any coaching institute. If you are preparing for GATE from coaching institutes then the requirement for books may not be necessary.

If not then you may require the list of best books for GATE 2022.
In this article, I will be providing you with the list of best books for GATE for Civil Engineering stream only.

Books recommendations For GATE 2022

Coaching institutes provide you with enough study materials which are sufficient to prepare for GATE without the need for any of such books.

These class notes are more than sufficient to excel in the exam.
However, if you need some of them please refer to the list of my “Best Books for GATE 2022 for Civil Engineering”.

I have given below in this article to know something in depth about any of the particular topics or if you are not confident with the notes from your coaching institute.

If you are not preparing for GATE from any coaching institute then this article is very worthy to read for you because in this article I have provided you with the list of best book recommendations for GATE that you may need for preparing GATE.

Through these books that I recommend in this article, you must be able to qualify for GATE on the very first attempt.

About the selection of perfect reference books

This article is super convenient for you because in this article I have limited the resources for GATE preparation. That means you are getting the minimal number of book recommendations that are a must for preparing GATE examination.

As toppers of GATE or any other exams believed that limiting the resources is the most necessary thing to qualify any kind of exam.

Nowadays, resources for GATE is unlimited on the internet so students get confused about what to read and what to leave.

In this article, the confusion of yours has hopefully been removed and now you can focus on the exam preparation completely and not on selecting books for your GATE preparation.

As you are preparing for GATE, you need the best study materials available in the market to prepare for the exam. You are searching for the best books for GATE for Civil Engineering.

In this article, your search might get over as in this article you will find the best book recommendations for GATE for the civil engineering stream.

Best Reference Books for GATE Civil Engineering

I am going to divide it into two parts

  1. Study Materials from Coaching Institute
  2. Reference Books by Renowned Authors

1. Study Materials from Coaching Institute

This is the most important part of my book recommendation. I will recommend you to take a postal study course from any coaching institute.

I highly recommend IES Master’s Postal Study Course, as their study materials are the best in the market.

The theories and concepts are very concise and elaborative as well and the questions that they provide in the study materials are up to the mark for GATE preparation.

You need to go to their website, enrol yourself on the postal study course.

You will get the books delivered to your place and from that books, you will prepare for GATE preparation.

You are free to choose any one of the coaching institutes, whichever you feel is the best in the market. But having coaching postal material is a must to prepare for GATE.

These study materials from coaching institutes have been really handy for preparation in a short period of time and you will get to know about the syllabus of GATE as well, as they are designed in such a manner.

So my first recommendation must-have books are the study material of any coaching institute.

2. Reference Books by Renowned Authors

These are the books written by a renowned author. These books are for gaining in depth knowledge of any topic.

You will encounter vast theories to read about any topic, so it will not be possible to go through the whole book during preparation. As we don’t have that much time to go through the whole book.

It is always recommended to go through the coaching notes or study materials provided by any coaching institute and if you find any difficulty in any topic then you should choose among one of the books and go through that topic only.

GATE 2022 Best Books for Civil Engineering

SubjectName of BookAuthor
Strength of Materials (SOM)Mechanics of MaterialsGere & Timoshenko
Structural AnalysisTheory Of StructuresS Ramamrutham
Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC)Reinforced Concrete DesignPillai & D. Menon
Steel DesignDesign of steel structuresN. Subramaniam (Oxford Publication)
Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering vol I & IIS K. Garg
Geotechnical EngineeringBasic & Applied Soil MechanicsGopal Ranjan & Rao
Fluid Mechanics & Fluid MachinesHydraulics & Fluid Mechanics including Fluid MachinesModi & Seth
Highway EngineeringHighway EngineeringKhanna & Justo
SurveyingSurveying Vol I & IIB C Punamia
Engineering HydrologyHydrologyK. Subramanya
Irrigation EngineeringIrrigation Engineering & Hydraulic StructuresS.K. Garg
Construction EngineeringConstruction Engineering & Management Dr S Seetharaman
Building MaterialsBuilding MaterialsS K Duggal
Railway EngineeringRailway EngineeringS C Saxena & S P Arora
Airport EngineeringAirport Planning & DesignS K Khanna & M G Arora
Harbour, Dock & Tunnel EngineeringHarbour, Dock & Tunnel EngineeringR. Srinivasan

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