Best GATE Coaching in India (Online and Offline)

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Best GATE coaching in India:- Nowadays coaching institutes for GATE has emerged widely. A lot of choices are there to choose from, this is great to choose one from a wide range of GATE coaching institutes. But at the same time, it also creates a lot of confusion.
Here in this article, I am going to provide you with the best coaching institutes in India for GATE preparation.

Best coaching for GATE in India

Let me describe to you first a little bit about GATE.
GATE is also known as the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.
Engineering graduates are eligible to appear for GATE.

Every year in the month of February, the GATE exam has been conducted by one of the top 6 IITs or IISc. As IISc Bangalore along with IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT BHU Varanasi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur and IIT Guwahati are the conducting bodies for GATE.

GATE qualified students are eligible to take admission into the MTech programs, get recruited by top PSUs, got a chance to get selected into some of the Central Government agencies like DRDO.

The GATE exam has really been tough to crack as almost 10 Lakhs students appear in the examination from different departments each year and very few of them got selected.

The competitiveness of the GATE exam has been reduced by taking some coaching classes for GATE.

So here I am discussing the best coaching institute for GATE that you can join to excel in the GATE examination and maintain a huge gap of preparation among your competitors.

Best coaching institute for GATE in India

There are now two modes of coaching available in India, that is, online mode and offline mode.

Nowadays online mode of GATE coaching has become quite popular and offline coaching faces lots of ups and downs due to COVID restrictions.

I suggest online coaching is good for you as of now. But I always prefer offline coaching for GATE.

The reason for suggesting you all go with online coaching classes for GATE is because offline coaching faces lots of mid-session closure due to COVID restrictions by the government.

This will lead to lots of distraction, confusion, fear and a sense of panics.

To avoid all this I suggest you go with the online mode of coaching classes for GATE.

However it’s all depends on you, if you want to choose an offline mode of preparation for GATE coaching then it’s absolutely fine if it went smoothly.

Best online coaching for GATE in India

There are few coaching institutes in India that provide you with the best content for the GATE exam preparation.

  1. Made Easy
    Made Easy is the king of GATE preparation in India. Their faculties are well qualified and genuinely bend towards the teaching field. Almost all the faculties of Made Easy are toppers of different exams.
    The quality of content that Made easy provide is highly valuable and priceless.
    The fees for the online GATE coaching in Made Easy is quite high around ₹64000 including GST.
    This is the highest fee for any coaching institute for online GATE preparation.
    Study materials such as Theory books, Question workbooks and GATE previous years question bank are also included in this program for absolutely free.
  2. IES Master
    IES Master is a Delhi based coaching for GATE and ESE.
    IES Master is the head to head competitor of Made Easy.
    IES Master provide you with world-class materials for GATE. The best study material that you can get for GATE preparation is from IES Master.
    They conducted online coaching for GATE with a fee of ₹59500 including GST for 1 year of the online classes program.
    They also include study materials with this package.
  3. Unacademy
    Everyone nowadays knows about Unacademy. It is the biggest online learning platform in India.
    It provides affordable education from India’s top teachers.
    As far as GATE coaching is concerned, Unacademy acquires teachers from Made Easy as well as IES Master for their GATE and ESE section, but it’s not the best in the industry till now.
    I said it’s not best that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good rank while taking preparation from Unacademy.
    It’s not best in terms of a systematic approach, simplicity and your ability to choose from multiple teachers and courses may confuse you.
    The quality and content of Unacademy are also very good and I suggest you choose Unacademy if you don’t want to invest huge money.
    Unacademy also doesn’t provide you with the study material. You have to buy your own study material from outside either from Made Easy or IES Master or from other coaching institutes materials.
    The cost of Unacademy for 1 Year Plus Subscription is ₹32450 including all taxes and 1 Year Iconic Subscription is ₹50250 including all the taxes.
    I suggest you go with an iconic subscription. There are 3 months, 6 months, and 2 years subscriptions are also available to choose from as per your requirement.
  • Gradeup and Testbook also provide online GATE preparation at a much cheaper rate. If you wish you can choose among them as well. They are in the development phase but they can also provide you with good content for GATE preparation as they are also hiring faculty from the best institutions.

Best Offline Coaching for GATE in India

Here again, I will suggest to you only three coaching institutes to choose from, as I believe more options will create more confusion.

  1. Made Easy
    The crown holder for offline coaching for GATE preparation in India is Made Easy. There is no competition with the level of content they provide, the quality of highly qualified teachers they provide and well researched offline materials in the forms of books they provide.
    Made Easy centres are almost in every state of India but the Delhi centre is best among all.
    The Head office of Made Easy is situated in Delhi that’s why you get the best in Delhi.
    Almost every year they produce Rank 1 in GATE in every stream they conduct in their offline mode.
    Whether it’s Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics or CSE year by year they produce Rank 1 in every department.
    I highly recommend Made Easy if you wish to join the offline mode of coaching.
    Course fees for 1-year GATE coaching are ₹80500 including books and all the taxes.
  2. IES Master
    IES Master is Delhi based coaching institute for GATE. It is only situated in one location that is in Delhi.
    It competes with Made Easy head to head.
    IES Master is basically more focused on ESE and lesser on GATE, that’s why I put IES Master in 2nd position.
    However, IES Master is the best in the field and is not any less than Made Easy.
    You can choose between Made Easy and IES Master on the basis of the fees they demand.
    Fees for IES Master for GATE for 1 year is ₹80500.
    So the fees for Made Easy and IES Master is the same and their level of content is also the same.
    I must say the books provided by IES Master are much better than what Made Easy provide.
    The books provided by IES Master are well researched and with fewer errors, whereas in Made Easy books you can find an enormous number of errors.
    Kindly give their scholarship test in both the coaching institutes and the coaching institute which gives you more discount, join that coaching without any second thought in your mind, as both the coaching institute are best in their field.
  3. Ace Academy
    Ace Academy is also among the best coaching institute for GATE preparation at a slightly lesser cost.
    It is Hyderabad based institute but its centres are situated in different parts of the country.
    If you want to join Ace Academy I would suggest you join their Hyderabad centres only.
    Fees for a 1-year course for GATE is around ₹69000 including books and taxes, which is ₹11500 less than Made Easy and IES Master.
    I would suggest you choose between Made Easy or IES Master.

Conclusion for Best GATE Coaching in India

If I have to choose,
Best online GATE coaching, I will choose either Made Easy or IES Master.
Best Offline GATE coaching, I will again choose the same that is Made Easy or IES Master.
For Books and Materials, surely IES Master is best in this field.
If you wish to join any postal course I would suggest you go with IES Master.

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