Can IBPS PO be Cracked in 2 Months? Crack IBPS PO in 2 months.

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2 months is a very short period but to crack IBPS PO, I think it is possible.


Let’s dive into the article and let’s try to understand the maths behind it and how exactly you will be able to crack IBPS PO in 2 months.

Overview: How to crack IBPS PO in 2 Months?

Cracking IBPS PO in 2 months of preparation is really tough.

Last year around 4.75 Lakhs of students appeared for IBPS PO for approx 4000 vacancies.

This leads to a 0.85% selection ratio. That means not even 1 student qualified for the exam for every 100 students who appeared.

The numbers are really scary.

Imagine you are going to give the IBPS PO exam and your classroom is filled with 100 aspirants, you might think maybe no one from this whole classroom would get selected in the IBPS PO exam.

But actually, this is not the actual reality of the candidates who appeared for the exam. We will discuss it later.

Now as of now you may feel the pressure within you by visualising these numbers.

Don’t worry, in this article, I will be able to make sure that you think positive. After preparing for 2 months and cracking the exam is possible.

Reality of Actual Competition

Around 6.5 Lakhs candidates registered for IBPS PO last year. Out of which, 4.75 Lakhs candidates appeared for IBPS PO.

Out of 4.75 Lakhs of appearing candidates only approx 4000 students has been finally selected for IBPS PO.

The percentage of selection is 0.84% as I also discussed earlier.

But now try to understand the main thing before starting your preparation, that how many students are really serious about the exam and how many students are the actual competitors for this exam. Not everyone one is the actual competitor rather the majority of students are those who just appeared for the exam without any preparation or very little preparation.

Yes, you heard it right that the majority of students are already out of the competition before appearing for the IBPS PO exam.

Now, let’s check out the basic maths about the number of candidates actually competing as per the experience that the author has after cracking lots of National Level Competitions.

Almost in every competition around 50% of students appeared for the sake of their family, relative, self experiencing the exam or for other reasons without any preparation. So they are not part of the competition. They are just making the numbers feel scarier.

As you can see 6.5 lakh students registered for the exam but only 4.75 Lakh of students appeared in the exam. That means almost 1.75Lakh of candidates didn’t even appear for the exam just because they are not prepared for IBPS PO. Around 27% of registered students didn’t even appear for the exam.

Out of 50% of students that are 2.375 Lakhs students again around 50% students are those who prepare for the exam but didn’t know exactly what to read what to learn and what to leave.

They are just preparing blindly and pointlessly. They neither complete the whole syllabus nor appear for any mock test.

So they are also among the ones who didn’t able to qualify for the exam.

So now the competition is come down to 118750 candidates only.

Out of 118750 candidates, 50% of candidates are serious about the exam. They do prepare for exams, they do appear for mock tests but not seriously. They are in the middle of examination and they also do not possess real competition.

So exactly the real competition is among 59375 candidates only.

Now the percentage of selection comes up to be around 6.7%, which is obviously not easy. Because those 59375 students are serious about the preparation and they are doing good with their studies.

So you get to feel a great competition with those students and it is the exact number of competitors that you are going to face in the exam.

Proper exam preparation strategy and frequent appearance in the mock test will boost your preparation and you will succeed in a shorter period as well.

So, as you know the exact competitors it’s time to discuss the right preparation strategy.

First, we discuss about the previous year cutoffs then we will discuss the right preparation strategy needed to clear the IBPS PO exam in just 2 months.

IBPS PO Previous year cutoffs

IBPS PO Prelims Cutoff 2020-21

GEN 58.5

SC 50

ST 43.75

OBC 56

EWS 56.75

IBPS PO Main Cutoff 2020-21

GEN 88.93

SC 73.83

ST 66.86

OBC 80.96

EWS 84.60

LD 80.45

VI 93.08

HI 63.10

D & E 63.25

IBPS PO Interview Cutoff 2020-21

GEN 20

SC 17.50

ST 17.50

OBC 17.50

EWS 20

LD 17.50

VI 17.50

HI 17.50

D & E 17.50

IBPS Normalised Final Cutoff 2020-21

GEN 51.23

SC 44.09

ST 41.87

OBC 45.09

EWS 45.35

LD 45.27

VI 51.55

HI 28.62

D & E 29.43

How to prepare for IBPS PO-Preparation Strategy

If you want to crack IBPS PO in 2 months of preparation. You have to complete the whole syllabus.

In order to complete the whole syllabus in a short time, you have to be very fast and determined for 2 complete months without any distraction and leave or break.

Go through the syllabus first. The syllabus for IBPS PO is generally of up to the 10th standard. So you may be familiar with the topics of the syllabus.

There are total 3 subjects that are

  1. English
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Reasoning Ability

You need to divide your time into 3 different slots, one slot for each subject on a daily basis.

You need to study all three subjects daily without any break to any of the subjects.

First focus on covering the whole syllabus before jumping into taking mock tests as it will demotivate you if you will not get good marks in mock tests.

First focus on topics that are relatively easier and scoring.

Do not waste your time in understanding tough topics, just leave that topic as of now and if you get time after completing the whole syllabus, do read and try to understand it once during the revision of other subjects.

Work on your speed and accuracy as this exam is not only about knowing concepts but it also judges your accuracy at a much faster rate.

You have to solve 100 questions in just 60 minutes, it’s not even a minute for each question.

In order to maintain speed and accuracy at the same time, you have to appear for a mock test rigorously as soon as you complete your syllabus.

Appearing in 2 to 3 mock tests a day will do wonder with your preparation.

It will not only boost your speed and accuracy but will also help in boosting your confidence, helps in brushing up your concepts, you will also get to know about your weak and strong points and will also help in knowing exactly where you are doing wrong and where you need to improve.

You may start with scoring poor ranks but don’t worry about it. When you have appeared in more mocks your score will surely get improved and eventually it will lead you to get qualified in the IBPS PO final exam.

Revision is the ultimate weapon to sharpen your concepts and to improve your skills of question-solving. Revising the whole syllabus, again and again, will help you dramatically in improving your score on the mock test.

Invest the rest of the time that you have in a day after appearing for a mock test in revising topics and solving numerical.

Kindly note, do not touch any new topic or numerical at the last minute of your preparation.

As you know there are three phases of examination in IBPS PO. The first phase is Prelims, so you have to focus only on prelims and do not focus on the Main exam syllabus before appearing for Prelims.

Most of the students did a huge blunder during the preparation phase by start solving questions of the Main examination and will fail in Prelims.

Focus on one exam at a time, whatever your friends and doing just don’t focus on that and make your goal of cracking prelims in the first place.

After you appear for prelim, take good quality of rest for a day and then start your preparation with the same dedication even better for the Main examination.

The syllabus for prelims and main doesn’t differ much, so you have to focus on solving numerical problems, previous year questions and appearing for mock tests only.

Again I would say revision and mock test are the best weapons that you have, utilise them wisely and you will surely come up with flying colours.

After you appear for Main examination, again take a good quality of rest and relax for a while, as you have almost done what others can’t be able to achieve.

Now start your preparation for the Interview with head high, confidence top of the notch.

I suggest you to join any coaching institute for an interview guidance program. It will help you in framing the answers in the right way and you get to feel the actual interview experience.

So you get acquainted with the atmosphere and questions that the interviewers are going to ask you in the real interview.

Hope this will help you in clearing your doubts and help you Strategies your preparation.

Best of luck with your exam.

How many hours do you exactly need to study for IBPS PO

As the limited time limit don’t permit you to relax. The time that you exactly need to study might frighten you but it is the reality.

Generally, students prepare for 1 complete year by studying for approx 6-8 hrs, so that they can revise their syllabus multiple times to generate speed with accuracy.

You need to study for somewhere between 12-16 hrs a day and I am not joking.

Give your 100%, to achieve 12-16 hrs of study a day you need to cut sleep to a maximum of 6 hrs a day.

After your sleep and study, you are still left with 2-6 hrs of time for other activities.

I hope you understand the kind of pressure that you have if you start your preparation seriously for just 2 months.

People are still preparing after 2 years of preparation but they didn’t able to crack the exam, so don’t take it lightly.

Go hard and achieve your target within 2 months of preparation. This is actually possible.

What are the basic things that you should take care of during IBPS PO preparation

Thighs that you should take care of if you are preparing for IBPS PO are listed below, kindly go through the complete list

1. Be consistent.

2. Maintain Good Health.

3. Include Fruits in your Diet.

4. Avoid Junk Food.

5. Regularly appear for Mock Test.

6. Revise daily.

7. Take Good Quality of Sleep.

8. Avoid Using Social Media for Entertainment Purpose.

9. Do not Study Randomly from anywhere.

10. Make a Plan of the Day.

11. Try to Follow your Routine.

12. Do not Start New Topic Last Minute.

13. Do not Overthink about the Exam.

14. Be Confident.

15. Work Hard.

Best of Luck!

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