List of CII iPATE Member Companies | iPATE 2.0 Companies List

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List of CII iPATE Member Companies

CII iPATE 1.0 has been successfully conducted by CII last year. Now as they are on the verge of conducting CII iPATE 2.0, they have released a list of CII iPATE member companies that may recruit through iPATE 2.0.

In this article, I am going to provide you with the complete list of CII member companies or the companies that recruit through iPATE 2.0.

CII iPATE Member Companies List 2.0

CII has divided the iPATE companies list into two major divisions

1. Large scale corporates

These are those companies that are either MNCs or PSUs or some of the companies which have a major stake in the economy of the country. The benefit of getting selected in large scale corporate is a better pay package, better lifestyle, better corporate infrastructure, better facilities and a better career growth opportunity.

2. Medium scale corporates

These are those companies that have a minor stake in the economy of the country or those companies which are just starting their business. In medium scale corporate, you will get a lesser pay package than large scale corporates, average career growth opportunity, not too good corporate infrastructure and an average lifestyle.

Try to get as maximum marks as possible in iPATE 2.0 to get selected in the large scale corporates for better career growth opportunities.

In the above link, you will get all the member corporates listed with CII.

Are all the CII member companies recruit through iPATE 2.0?

The process of CII for recruitment is that, CII sends the resume of shortlisted candidates to all their member companies for the recruitment process but whoever company is interested will shortlist candidates on their behalf and select the most eligible candidates for their company on different posts. Not all the CII member companies recruit through iPATE 2.0 but CII pushes resumes of candidates to all the member companies.

However, considering previous year shortlisting details there were more than 3500 candidates shortlisted for the interview round to different companies.

Is iPATE worth considering for a better career?

It has just been started, they have conducted only one exam till now. So there is not much evidence of career and growth opportunities.

But when we talk about the organisation then the organisation is very reputed in the country and the member companies as well are good and established when we talk about large scale companies, medium scale companies are also doing good but we cannot say much about those companies.

Some of the medium-scale companies might be good but some of them might not be that good, maybe shortly some of the medium scale companies become large scale companies as well.

It is worth considering for your better future if you secure a seat in any of the large scale companies as of now.

Can I appear for iPATE if I am preparing for GATE?

Yes, you can, anybody can appear for iPATE only if he/she is holding an engineering degree.GATE is a highly reputed and well-established exam and is considered one of the best exams for engineers.

Through GATE you can take admission in various educational institutions for your post-graduation as well as GATE also allows you to get selected in India’s biggest PSU’s.

As of now, iPATE has not yet an established exam and is in a very early phase. Maybe after some time, it became as popular as GATE is, but it will take time and a lot of effort from the organising committee.

You can consider taking iPATE but if you are preparing for GATE, stay focused on your preparation and don’t deviate from your goal. The syllabus of GATE and iPATE are very different. If you start preparing for iPATE then you will not be able to prepare for GATE at the same time due to diametrically opposite syllabus the nature of the exam.

How is GATE different from iPATE?

GATE and iPATE are very different considering the syllabus and also in the nature of the examination.

The list of companies that recruit through iPATE and GATE is completely different from one another. GATE will provide you to select from Public Sector Companies, whereas, iPATE will provide you to select from Private Sector Corporates.

The number of candidates appears in GATE is very large whereas in iPATE it’s very marginal and less.

GATE has been conducted by IITs which is an institutional organization whereas iPATE has been conducted by CII which is a corporational organization.

GATE tests you majorly on your subject knowledge whereas iPATE tests you majorly on corporate affairs.

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