UPSC ESE Prelims | Last 30 days Preparation Plan

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Last 30 days Preparation Plan For UPSC ESE

Introduction about Engineering Services Examination (ESE)

Engineering Services Examination widely known as ESE, conducted by UPSC every year to recruit highly efficient engineering graduates to fulfil the need of demand into their different Central Government officer grade positions. In this article you will know, how to prepare for UPSC ESE Prelims in last 30 days of the examination.

The positions provided by the Central Government to the successful candidates is the highest level positions any engineering graduate can think of while working with the government in the engineering domain.

Engineering Services Examination (ESE) conducted by UPSC, is one of the toughest exams for engineering graduates. It has 3 phase selection procedure. The very first one is the ESE Prelims, which consists of objective type questions. It has technical as well as non-technical (GS) paper.

After qualifying for the ESE Prelims, candidates have to appear for the second phase of the examination. The second phase is known as ESE Mains, which consists of subjective type technical questions only. It does not have any non-technical paper. ESE mains has two sets of paper that are Paper 1 and Paper 2. The syllabus asked in Paper 1 is half of the total syllabus and the other half has been asked in Paper 2 of ESE Mains.

After qualifying for the ESE Mains, candidates are eligible for the third and the final phase of the Engineering Services Examination.

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The third phase of ESE is the interview round, where a panel of highly qualified UPSC leaders are present to judge you based on your technical knowledge, social knowledge, psychological behaviour, physical presence, communication skills, experience and a lot more.

The interview phase is the most important and the deciding factor in getting selected for the exam. A small mistake in the interview may lead to a huge marks deduction. You have to prepare well for the interview, as you don’t have the chance to think about the answers to the questions asked by the panel. You must have to be ready with your answers before the interview.

You will do well in the interview only if you practice well for the interview. Practice makes your interview perfect. Be confident, don’t be arrogant and you will successfully chase your dreams. This is the mantra everyone should follow to become successful.

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Now it’s time to discuss the last 30 days preparation plan for UPSC ESE.

List of points to follow,

Last 30 Days Preparation Plan For UPSC ESE

  1. Most important, please maintain good health. Eat fresh hygienic foods.
  2. Maintain good hygiene. Please be sure to make your surroundings neat and clean.
  3. Don’t waste your time learning a new topic or a chapter.
  4. Revise whatever you have studied during your preparation period.
  5. Be smart and focus on areas where ESE have asked maximum questions in the previous years.
  6. Don’t be overconfident, please stick with the objective type questions rather than going with subjective type questions before ESE Prelims. Once you qualify for the ESE Prelims then start your preparation for ESE Mains.
  7. Don’t involve in discussions with your friends. As the time for discussion is over now. Discussion may lead to confusion and it may hamper your marks. It may be helpful but I suggest you better avoid last minutes discussions.
  8. ESE Prelims is all about time management. So I suggest you please appear for mock tests by any premiere coaching institute to know about your abilities, knowledge as well as weak points before the main exam.
  9. Don’t lose your hopes if you are getting bad scores on the test series. Stick to it, you will improve with time.
  10. Analyse your scores deeply, maintain a note about the reasons why you made a mistake on any particular question and make it correct.
  11. Work on minimising inaccuracies. You will regret any kind of inaccuracy made inside the exam hall.
  12. Focus on solving previous years question papers as many times as possible.

Hope it will help you prepare well in the last moment of your preparation.

If I miss any vital point, please comment below and let others know.

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