Exam Day Tips For GATE 2022

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GATE 2022 Exam Day Tips

  • Are you aware of the interface of the GATE exam?
  • Are you aware of the GATE Calculator?
  • Are you aware of the pattern asked in GATE?
  • Are you aware of the syllabus asked in GATE?
  • Are you aware of the marking scheme of the GATE exam?

If the answer to the single question is “NO” then my friend you are going to suffer in the coming GATE exam.

The preliminary points that need to be considered while appearing for GATE Exam

How to prepare for GATE

First of all, go through the above bullet points. These are just simple points that need to be checked once before appearing for the main GATE paper. It boosted your confidence as well as rank in the GATE exam.
Appear in any online mock GATE exam by any good coaching institute to be aware of the main GATE exam interface, pattern asked in GATE, knowledge about the use of GATE calculator, marking scheme and time management.

(I recommend you to appear in the free mock test by Made Easy for better understanding of the actual GATE paper, as they have prepared their interface very similar to that of actual GATE paper.)
These above preliminary points will help you ultimately in the actual GATE exam day.
If you already know the above points and well prepared for GATE then the next section is for you.

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What needs to be done on the GATE exam day.

GATE qualifying tips

On the day of the GATE exam, you only have to know about what to do and what to avoid.
If you are conscious about these two points on the exam day, you are on the right track and ready for the exam.
So here I provide a list of what to do and what to avoid on the actual GATE exam day.

To-do list on the GATE exam day

  1. Go to the centre at least 1 hour before the timing with all the necessary documents.
  2. Carry your own pen, pencil, erases or whatever you want during the exam.
  3. Drink sufficient water and urinate before the exam.
  4. Go through the paper thoroughly at least once before starting to solve the paper.
  5. Concentrate on your strong points and topics and try to solve them first.
  6. Solve aptitude and mathematics first before attempting the technical part.
  7. Be sure while making your choice to any answer.
  8. Make yourself comfortable by entering to exam hall ahead of everyone.
  9. Utilize 3 hours of your GATE exam properly.
  10. Do not lose hope and fight until the end.
  11. Use OLA/UBER to reach the exam centre.

What to avoid on the GATE exam day

  1. Avoid drinking too much water so that you have the need to urinate in between the exam.
  2. Avoid being late at the examination centre.
  3. Do not waste your time too much on a particular question. Solve and move.
  4. Concentrate on your own paper and avoid watching here and there inside the examination hall.
  5. Avoid making random choices to any of the answers.
  6. Avoid wasting your time in drinking water or urinating in between the exam.
  7. Avoid cheating in the exam from an unknown person.
  8. Avoid being distracted by the opposite sex in the exam.
  9. Do not panic in any situations. Just be calm and take control of your nerves.
  10. Avoid solving simple calculations in your mind. Always use pen and pad to solve them in a written form.
  11. Avoid using public transport to reach the exam centre.

Best of luck !!!

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