How To Crack GATE Without Coaching? Crack GATE In 1st Attempt

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How To Crack Without Coaching?

This is the time when we are all worried about preparing for GATE through classroom program. A classroom coaching program is the best way to prepare for any competitive exam. In this condition of COVID-19, it is almost impossible to attend such type of coaching classes. So the best way to prepare for GATE is by online mode of coaching or by self-study.

However, some of the students might find online classes very boring and some of them are unable to sit in front of the laptop for long hours and concentrate on studies. While some of them don’t have internet access and also some of them don’t have a laptop to learn properly.

So the question arises how to crack GATE without coaching.

I am going to consider every aspect of self-study and try to give you a proper solution to prepare for GATE without coaching with the comfort of your home.

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List of points on how to crack GATE without coaching

1. Without coaching means you have to be prepared to work hard.

2. All the time that you spend in your learning is completely self-study, so you are free to make your personalised routine.

3. The beauty of self-study is that you are free to study as per your own time table.

4. Try to make notes while reading standard books.

5. Make your own handwritten formula book, which will help you during problem-solving.

6. Handwritten formulas are also quite easy to learn and will boost your confidence.

7. Try making short notes of the notes that you already prepared during the reading of the standard book.

8. Short notes are very handy and will help you to revise the whole syllabus in a shorter period of time.

9. When exam dates are close or during the revision time, short notes are the most important thing. If you don’t have your short notes, you will surely be going to regret.

10. Be aware of the syllabus.

11. Shortlist important chapters as well as important topics of different chapters.

12. Give more emphasis to the important chapters or topics.

13. Solving previous year questions is the key to crack GATE.

14. Take online test series for GATE of any reputed brand.

15. Analyse your errors and make a note and try not to repeat it again.

16. Test series are the best way to understand your weakest concepts, analysing your errors and correcting it.

17. Don’t overstudy, be precise and learn only what is required to crack the GATE exam.

18. Don’t get frustrated while studying, as learning takes time.

19. Once you have completed any chapter, do revise it once a week or in a month as per your retention ability.

20. Completing any chapter includes solving each and every question that has been asked previously in GATE from that chapter.

21. Take intermittent breaks while studying to refresh your mind.

These are the 21 points you must have follow in order to crack GATE without the help of any coaching institute.

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