How to Crack IIT? 10 Strategies Toppers Follow to Crack JEE Mains or Advanced

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Do you want to know how toppers plan to crack the most difficult exam? How to crack IIT?

Then you are in the right place, and now this is the right time to excel in your preparation and be among the list of toppers. Here in this article, I will be sharing with you the right strategy you should follow during your preparation to crack the World’s toughest exam.

10 super strategies I am going to discuss for preparing for IIT during COVID-19 pandemic situation

This coronavirus and lockdown have changed everything around us. The way we learn, the way we prepare for IIT. If you are in class 11, there is always a dilemma in your mind about how to prepare for JEE Mains or JEE Advanced. How to crack IIT / JEE Mains?

Previously we can move to other places such as Kota or Delhi to join a coaching institute for preparation purposes. But during this time it’s almost impossible for us to move to other places. So, we have to prepare from the comfort of our home, which may not be the best idea to crack IIT.
As in our home, there are lots of disturbances such as your younger brother disturbing you, your friends playing your favourite sports, your family told you to buy vegetables for them, your father watching TV and a lot more. All these activities at home lead to disturbances and this leads to a
lack of focus on your studies. Which ultimately hamper your result. But what are the choices now, nothing, but to prepare from our home.

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As it is decided that we have to prepare from our home, we have to figure out how.
During preparation for IIT, we need to join a coaching institute. Now the trend has changed and almost all students have moved to online coaching platforms.
There are many online coaching institutes such as Vedantu, Byju’s and Unacademy where you can prepare for your exams.
You can join any one of them, teachers here are well trained and highly qualified.
I personally feel Unacademy is the best among all, however, it depends on your personal choice.
(P.S:- This post is not sponsored by any of the coaching institutes)

Moving on to super strategies,

10 super strategies to crack IIT / JEE Mains

10 super strategies to crack IIT

1. Join any online coaching institute

Joining a coaching institute is the first step of clearing the exam (JEE Main and JEE Advanced).
Coaching institute helps you to maintain your studies on the right track. Daily classes and homework from the teachers help you maintain consistency towards your studies.

2. Be consistent

Try to overcome the frustration you get during preparation and maintain consistency.
Most of the students failed to maintain consistency and they lack interest in the subject slowly.

3. Hard work is the key

During the preparation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced, you feel like you are not able to crack IIT, but believe me, nothing will stop you to clear this examination if you showcase your determination and hard work throughout the journey. Your hard work will ultimately pay off and make you the winner.

4. Dream

Never stop dreaming about IIT and the feeling of qualifying it.
It will boost your motivation and force you to work harder and crack the toughest exam in the world ie; JEE Advanced.

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5. Perseverance

Try, fail, try again try and keep trying till you achieve success.
Perseverance is the feeling of fighting bravely and conquering it.
JEE Advanced is that kind of exam where you must have to showcase your perseverance to crack IIT.

6. Revision is the rank maker

The more you revise, the better the rank you get. Make a routine of revising the previous topics at certain intervals, so that the topics that you learnt earlier will remain fresh in your mind.
It is said that if you don’t revise your class notes within 24 hours, you are likely to forget 70% of the concepts of that topic.
So revise your class notes at least once on the same day, so that you can remember more things very easily.

7. Be minimalistic

Don’t run for too many materials or questions.
It’s always better to learn 1 book for 6 times rather than learning 6 books for 1 time.

8. Sacrifice

To achieve something big you have to sacrifice something big.
You may be wondering what did I have to sacrifice for clearing JEE Advanced?
There are lots of things where you have to either compromise or sacrifice.
The level of the exam is high, the questions asked in the exam are tough.
You have to be conceptually very strong to solve one single question and in the same way, you have to solve multiple questions to be able to get a good rank, for getting a good rank you have to sacrifice things like, your favourite sports, your favourite show on TV or OTT platforms, timepass with friends, your lovely sleeping hours, late-night internet surfing, chatting with friends and a lot many more things like these.

9. Smart Work

Every time you heard about smart work you may have thought of how to be smart in work?
What is smart work?
How toppers prepare for JEE Advanced smartly?
Smart work is all about working for a goal in the shortest possible time in the right direction.
You may have popped up with a question that,
What is the right direction here and how to maintain the shortest possible time during the preparation?
I will cover this in a whole new blog post, so stay tuned.

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10. Be calm

Don’t panic.
Be calm during whole JEE preparation. Take a good amount of rest, drink more water and eat healthy food, you will surely crack IIT.


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