How To Qualify GATE in Just 45 Days

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GATE will happen each year in the month of February. Those who don’t have enough time to prepare for GATE due to their busy schedule. I am giving you an easy and smart way to qualify GATE in a very short period of time. So the challenge to qualify it in the short period of time is tough, but you can achieve it easily, just by adding some ingredients to it and those ingredients are smart study, well-prepared plan and sticking to your smart study schedule as per your plan till the end of your preparation for GATE.

So the question is “How to study smartly?
Don’t worry, I have a plan to study smartly during these 45 days.

NOTE :- This blog is strictly for those who do not have time to prepare for GATE but wanted to crack it by studying only for 45 days.
  1. Buy previous year GATE question bank from a good coaching institute. (I recommend going with either MADE EASY or IES MASTER)
  2. Analyse the analysis of previous papers given in previous years book chapter-wise.
  3. Find those chapters from which maximum questions were asked in GATE exam. (Select only 2 to 3 chapters). Half of your work is done here, you are one step closer to qualify GATE.
  4. Read those 2 to 3 chapters that you have selected thoroughly from books, videos or coaching notes whatever you find easy (all are available online). (I recommend to read coaching notes)
  5. Prepare Engg. Mathematics and Engg. Aptitude well.
  6. Solve previous years questions simultaneously after reading and understanding each chapter that you have selected along with Engg. Mathematics and Engg. Aptitude.
  7. After doing all the above points, revise at least once the whole thing that you have studied.
  8. And your time ends here. Your 45 days are over at this point of time.

Are you wondering about the well-prepared plan?

So the plan is to execute the above points within the time frame and it’s different for different people. So better you plan accordingly as per your convenience and make your own well-prepared plan. Give time to make it and once done with your well-prepared plan stick to it till the end.

You need to know also about exam day plans. Click on the link to open in a new tab.

Points to be considered during plan making.

  1. Numbers of hour studied during whole days.
  2. Make slots as per your convenience in a whole day.
  3. Where to start? What do you want to study first?
  4. How do you want to study? Completing one chapter once in a time or more than one chapter once in a time.
  5. Take good deep sleep. Make time for sleep in your plan.
Go through all this and you will be able to qualify GATE after 45 days only.


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