How to Secure Good Rank in GATE in Just 3 Months

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GATE exam is an All India Level Competitive examination held by IITs and IISc Bangalore every year.

Lakhs of students appear for this examination throughout the country and from foreign countries as well.

In this article I have shared my experience of cracking GATE in just 1 month of preparation. I have shared insights on how you crack GATE in just 3 months of preparation.

In this article I have shared with you on “How to secure good rank in GATE in just 3 months”.

Securing a rank in GATE is tough but here in this article, I will provide you with step by step guide to follow on how to secure a good rank in GATE in just 3 months.

I secure a good rank in GATE by preparing for just 1 month.

What is GATE? What are the benefits of GATE?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering also known as GATE held by IITs or IISc every year to take admission into the Master’s programme at different engineering colleges in India.

Public Sector Undertaking companies also consider GATE rank as a measure for their recruitment purpose.

Many other foreign colleges also consider GATE rank to give admission to qualified students into their different Master’s programmes.

GATE has been the most attractive exam for engineering students nowadays for its multiple benefits.

Almost 10 Lakh students appear for GATE every year from different engineering streams.

Why securing a good rank in GATE is important?

As I have already said due to its versatile scope it is now necessary for every engineering student to appear in GATE and secure a good rank to get placed in some of the best PSUs of our country or to take admission in the best engineering colleges in India for the Master’s programme or to take admission in some of the best foreign universities.

These all benefits of the GATE exam made it one of the best exams for engineers in India.

Due to high competition in the GATE exam, a good rank is necessary to secure a seat in any of the possibilities of the GATE exam.

A good rank means you get a chance to get selected in the best PSU to secure a seat in good old NITs.

If I talk about rank then a good rank lies between AIR 1 to AIR under 3000.

Beyond AIR 3000 it’s getting harder for you to seal a seat in any good NITs with a good branch.

A good rank in GATE is important because it creates a huge number of possibilities to select from whether it comes to getting recruited in a PSUs or taking admission into the best colleges.

What is the syllabus of GATE?

GATE syllabus is divided into three parts

  1. Aptitude and English
  2. Engineering Mathematics
  3. Technical Paper

In Aptitude and English basic questions were asked up to the 10th standard level.
So you can prepare it easily.
15 marks were asked from this section every year.

In Engineering Mathematics, the syllabus is up to the engineering level and basic questions were asked in the exam.
12 Marks were asked from this section.

Technical Paper was asked from your engineering stream.
The syllabus of the Technical Paper is from your BTech course.

Click here to view the complete GATE syllabus.

What is considered to be a good rank in GATE?

A good rank is that rank through which you will be able to get a PSU job or take admission in an MTech course in any of the reputed colleges.

From my point of view, good lies between AIR 1 to AIR 3000.

Beyond All India Rank (AIR) 3000, it will become difficult to get admission into any reputed engineering college in India.

By reputed college, I mean Top IITs and Top NITs.

Older IITs and NITs are among the best colleges in India.

If you get a rank beyond AIR 3000, then you might get admission into any of the NITs or other government engineering colleges in India but it might not be the older NITs or a good branch in older NITs.

Try to focus on getting a rank under AIR 3000, so that you can choose among the best.

How to secure good rank in GATE in just 3 months?

Here in this section, I will be discussing about how exactly you will be able to secure a good rank in GATE in just 3 months.

Securing a good rank in GATE by preparing for a year might be an easy task but securing a good rank by preparing for 3 months is really tough.

But if you apply all the points that I am going to discuss in your daily routine then it will become easy for you to secure a good rank in GATE by just preparing for 3 months.

Follow the steps given below to secure a good rank in GATE in just 3 months.

  1. First perform analysis of previous year papers.
  2. Note down the important subjects as per the analysis. More the marks it was asked in the exam more the importance it will carry. So if any subject asked for higher marks in the previous paper it will have more importance.
  3. Do not run for completing the whole syllabus.
  4. Be smart, complete the important subjects first and then along with the revision of important of subject try to complete the remaining subjects.
  5. Revision is the ultimate key to success, revise as many times as possible.
  6. Focus on revising the important subjects first.
  7. Do not attempt chapter, subject or part test, as it will only consume your time.
  8. After completing the syllabus, attempt full-length tests.
  9. Attempt frequently in full-length tests, as will boost your confidence and it will prepare you mentally for the final GATE exam.
  10. Be confident and don’t lose hope.

Are test series important to secure a good rank in GATE?

Test series plays a vital role in securing a good rank in GATE or any competitive examination.

Frequently appearing in test series will boost your confidence.

Analysing the test series and correcting the mistakes are more important than just appearing in the test series.

Selecting a good quality test series, which is similar to the pattern of the actual GATE test is very important for succeeding in the GATE exam.

You must select test series wisely and invest in test series without any second thought, as cheap price test series won’t benefit you much and will create a lot of confusion.

Appearing in full-length test series will make you familiar with the GATE pattern. The score that you will get in the full-length test series will also tell you about the level of your preparation so that you can predict your actual GATE score which is somewhere the same as the scores of your test series.

What is the best test series for the GATE exam?

Test series plays a crucial role in your success in the examination.

A good test series will boost your confidence will prepare you for the final exams.

Selection of good test series is very important and you should also know the importance of giving test series frequently.

In this section, we will be discussing about the best GATE test series that you should appear to have to increase your chances of getting selected.

I have discussed about the best test series for GATE in India in brief earlier in one of my posts.

Please go through the link below for the best test series for GATE in India.

GATE Official Web Portal

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