How To Stay Motivated During COVID-19?

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How To Stay Motivated During COVID-19?

This coronavirus has destructed many lives and their families. We heard so much bad news from our nearby, where our relatives or relatives of our friends lost their lives at a young age due to COVID-19. Some lost their father, mother, brother, sister, or friend, each time we feel heartfelt. We feel helpless like we are tied with a rope or we lost our ability to help.

In these tough times of COVID-19, where only bad news has spread outside and the source of any good news felt like evaporated from our lives.

In these tough times of COVID-19, we need to be strong, motivated so that we can do our work as normal, help others as much as possible, don’t fell into depression, try to eliminate this coronavirus as much as possible from our end.

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To be strong and stay motivated is the most challenging thing but we have to anyhow. As there is no place for the weaker and depressed in these tough times of COVID-19. We need to show fighting spirit so that we can fight hard with this invisible enemy of ours.

Most of us don’t feel motivated or don’t know how to stay motivated during COVID-19. They fell into depression, sadness, they become weaker and lose their hopes.

I just want to share something which will surely help you to maintain motivation.

9 proven ways to stay motivated during COVID-19?

  1. Try to avoid watching the news on TV or social media.
  2. Try to use social media to watch memes, pranks, jokes, short videos, and similar kinds of stuff.
  3. Contact your friends, talk to them about plans, share old memories.
  4. Try to play indoor sports with friends or families.
  5. Learn new things, skills, work on building yourself, improve yourself, engage yourself.
  6. Maintain good hygiene, diet, do workouts for some time.
  7. Try to build something new. Do whatever you love but never tried.
  8. Build a habit of reading books. It will keep you engaged throughout the day.
  9. Learn about wealth building, economics, business, personal finance.
9 proven ways to stay motivated during COVID-19?

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Hope it will help you keep up your motivation during 2nd wave of COVID19.

If you have other points to share, kindly comment below.

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