Is iPATE Fake? All You Need to Know Before Appearing For iPATE Examination

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iPATE has recently been introduced by CII in the year 2019. It only took place once and is in the progress of building their presence in a larger frame.

The question is now very common among engineers that ” Is iPATE fake? “. So in this article, I am going to tell you and break down some facts, so that it will be very clear to you that about is iPATE fake or genuine.

Who conduct iPATE?

CII is the body that decided to conduct iPATE every year. The full form of CII is The Confederation of Indian Industry.
Now the question might arise in your head What is the role of CII and what actually CII does?
CII that is The Confederation of Indian Industry is a non-governmental, not for profit organisation that was established in the year 1895 when 5 engineering firms of that time decided to form the Engineering and Iron Trades Association (EITA). Which was later renamed as Indian Engineering Association (IEA) in the year 1912 to promote the interests of Indian manufacturers. Later in the year 1991, it is again renamed as The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
CII has a history of 126 years of a successful journey in running the organisation.
The most renowned persons of the Indian industry are their directors and members.
CII has been working in the development of India by partnering with Industry, Government and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

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Member companies of CII or Companies who will recruit through iPATE.

More than 300 private companies in India are members of CII. Some of them are the most renowned companies in the country.
CII decided to held iPATE so that these member companies can recruit through the centralised national level examination same as PSUs recruiting through GATE.
iPATE is still very new to the system, so many of the member companies are still in the process of onboarding to this recruitment process through CII iPATE.
Though some of the companies started shortlisting qualified candidates. The shortlisting has been done based on merit in the iPATE exam.
More than 3500 students get shortlisted by the member companies. This shortlisting has been done on a department basis.
Shortlisted candidates have been informed about the further process of the recruitment and the final recruitment will take place after one or two more rounds on GD or PI depending on rules by different companies.
You can check the number of shortlisted candidates by different departments on their websites.

Is iPATE fake?

Now coming to the main query “IS iPATE FAKE”.
So till now, I have discussed the iPATE governing body that is CII, which is a highly renowned organization and has been approved by the government as well. Speeches have been delivered at the CII office by the Prime Ministers of India.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi delivered speeches on the CII Main office in Delhi on different occasions as a Prime Minister.
So, you understand how well recognised the organisation is that is CII.
So, I think you don’t have any kind of doubt about the organising body.
I have discussed about the 300 plus member companies from different parts of the country.
They have already started their recruitment process by shortlisting more than 3500 students through their portal.

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CII is not fake so is iPATE. iPATE is not a FAKE exam. It’s just started, so you might get a feeling that it might be fake but you don’t have to worry and you can completely rely on that.
When GATE has started, a very few candidates appeared for the exam but now the scenario has completely changed. There is huge completion in GATE now, more than 9 Lakhs students fill the form for GATE from different departments.
Maybe someday iPATE become the standard for the recruitment process in private companies.
Who knows, but the moto of starting iPATE by CII is to make this exam a standard for selection in industries.

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