Jadavpur University Average Package 2021 Complete Details (Department Wise)

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Jadavpur University Average Package Overview

Jadavpur University Average Package has been phenomenal due to its legacy that has been maintained since its inception and also due to qualify alumni base in different sectors.

Jadavpur University is the premier engineering institute in India. Currently, it has been ranked 17th in all India engineering colleges ranking by NIRF.

However, its rank has been deteriorating continuously since 2015. In 2015 Jadavpur University ranked 9th in all India engineering college ranking but then from 2016 it has never been ranked among the top 10 engineering colleges in India.

We will discuss later about why the ranking of Jadavpur University has been deteriorating continuously.

Being studied engineering at Jadavpur University personally, I feel I am the most eligible person to discuss about the average package of Jadavpur University.

Yes, you heard it right, I studied engineering at Jadavpur University.
I have lived 4 crucial years of my life on the campus and I know many insider things which you don’t get to know from other sources.

Now coming to the point of the pay package. Jadavpur University average package has a huge variation from one department to another department.

Jadavpur University Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department has the highest average package of 20LPA ( Lakhs per annum) whereas Jadavpur University Civil Engineering (CE) department has the lowest average package of 4LPA.

Most of the department of Jadavpur University has an average package lies between 5LPA to 8LPA.

However, the overall average package of Jadavpur University is 9.5LPA as provided by the University for NIRF Ranking 2021.

Official details by Jadavpur University provided to NIRF.

Official NIRF Ranking 2021

This surge in an average package from other departments is mainly due to very higher packages given to CSE candidates. Due to this variation, I am going to provide you with a list, where you get to know about the average package of all the departments of Jadavpur University.

List of average package of Jadavpur University department wise

StreamAverage Package (Approx )(in LPA)
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)20
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (ETCE)10-13
Information Technology (IT)10-13
Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering9-11
Electrical Engineering (EE)8-10
Chemical Engineering (ChE)5-7
Production Engineering5-6
Mechanical Engineering (ME)5-6
Metallurgical Engineering5-6
Power Engineering4-5
Printing Engineering4-5
Food Technology & Bio-Chemical Engineering (FTBE)3.5-4
Pharmaceutical Technology3-3.5
Construction Engineering3-3.5
Civil Engineering3-3.5

Insights about Jadavpur University average package

Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, Atlassian, Google are some of the best companies that recruit from Jadavpur University. They pay as high as 38-48LPA. Almost every branch is eligible to appear for their recruitment test but mostly students from CSE backgrounds can crack their exams and get placed in the above companies.

Samsung, Adobe, Texas Instruments, HPCL and some electronics companies visited the campus to pay eligible candidates anywhere between 10-20LPA.

However, students from Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering (ETCE), IT and Instrumentation Engineering departments are the favourites and most recommended ones.

Siemens, Honeywell, Capgemini, Royal Enfield, CESC and more companies (will provide the complete list of companies that visited Jadavpur University soon) visited Jadavpur University and they will pay anywhere between 5-10LPA to the qualified candidates.

Few more companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and some core companies of Civil and Mechanical Engineering visited Jadavpur University for campus placements and they provide pay packages anywhere between 3-5LPA.

If you want to know anything else about Jadavpur University. Kindly go through my previous article on “All You Need To Know About Jadavpur University“.

If you are still left with some doubt please comment down below, I will try to solve it.

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