Jadavpur University Reservation Criteria on General Engineering Seats

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Is Jadavpur University Reserve 90% of there General Seats for Domiciled Candidates?

Jadavpur University is among the top 10 universities in India. So there is a huge competition among the students from different states to take admission into the college.

Now the question arises that ” Is Jadavpur University reserve 90% seats for domiciled students?”.

The answer is YES, Jadavpur University reserve 90% of seats for domiciled students from 2019.

Before 2019, there were no reservation exists in the university except reservation for OBC, SC & ST candidates with West Bengal domicile. In other states, Lower category candidates are treated as a general category.

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Remember these reservation ie; 90% is for general seats only, as OBC, SC/ST and PWD seats are already 100% reserved for domiciled candidates.

Concluding the reservation status, we can say 95% of total seats are now reserved for domiciled students, considering all the reservation available at the university.

So, the non-domiciled students will have to fight only for 5% of seats, which is much lesser than what we get before 2019.

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Who are domiciled students? What are the eligibility criteria?

There are criteria to be fulfilled to be called domiciled candidates.

West Bengal domiciled candidate means

1. You have a certificate of matriculation from West Bengal.

2. Your parents will have owned land in West Bengal.

3. Individual who have a permanent resident in West Bengal for last 15 years.

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If you fulfil any of the above criteria, then you must apply for domicile certificate.

After getting a domicile certificate from West Bengal government, you are being considered as a domiciled candidate.

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