Why do we need to be more careful while giving GATE exam? Last Minute Advice For GATE.

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Why do we need to be more careful while giving GATE exam

GATE exam last minute advice and tips:- Every year different IITs prepare question paper for GATE. As an engineer we all know, no other institution is better than IIT for preparing a technical question paper, whether it is JEE Advanced or GATE. However, in GATE one cannot afford mistakes due to very fewer number of seats and also due to highly competitive marks obtained by other candidates.
In GATE if you are aiming at PSUs then you need to be well prepared as well as well practised. One single mark of blunder and you will be out of the race. You may end up with Masters from IITs or even worse because of the momentum that you are going to lose at those 3 hours of highly competitive exam.
One mark higher than your ability or preparation will lead you to a much better position. So focus more on how to improve your marks in those limited days rather than just by studying extensively without any plans.
As GATE is an online test, so most of them don’t know how to use inbuilt GATE Calculator, how to save answer and jump into the next question and also you won’t be able to rectify your own mistake after attempting the question due to shortage of time or due to lots of confusion creation at last moment of the exam. So you need to be very conceptually clear and also familiar with the interface of the GATE exam screen before the actual GATE exam to reduce error, confusion and time wastage. All combined together will fetch you more marks. As I told,  one mark more and you will be at PSU and one mark less you will be out of the race.
As the days for preparation are now over these are the days of planning, you only need to be more attentive towards gaining extra marks in your bag.

Focus on solving problems rather than reading theory, focus on giving mock tests or test in general and also focus on increasing the speed of problem-solving. Take good deep sleep, maintain good health, reach your GATE exam centre at least one hour before the entrance time and use OLA/UBER to reach the centre(prevent public transport.

These all are tips and tricks to improve GATE rank without putting extra effort and just by being conscious and alert regarding the GATE exam.
GATE is one of the toughest and highly competitive exams, so you need to be very conscious regarding negative marking as well as blunder mistakes. Try to practice more and give mock test daily in that limited period of time.
Best of luck !!! 🔥👍🔥

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